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More than food: SJC restaurant trips

Mango and sticky rice

Yummy mango with sticky rice (Thai dessert)

In 9 months’ time, we have travelled to 15 countries/cultures… with our palate, all in Vancouver! Here is the list: Malaysian, Italian, Cantonese, Dutch, Canadian, Vietnamese, French, Greek, Indian, First Nations, Ethiopian, Burmese, Mexican, Thai and Afghan. And it doesn’t stop there. The list will get longer and longer, so stay tuned!

I feel lucky to be accompanied by residents from the relevant culture when we dine out. Every time I learn something about geography, food culture, cooking methods, table etiquettes, and stories behind the dishes. It feels as if I have travelled to that country and I’m hosted by SJC friends.

Cute pavilion inside the Afghan restaurant

Cute pavilion inside the Afghan restaurant

As we share food, we talk about random things, such as types of price discrimination in the context of Dine Out Vancouver discounts, why Aung San Suu Kyi is a great leader, language differences between northern and southern Thailand, and the political situation in Afghanistan. Since we are away from campus, we never end the conversation with “I’m going back to my room now to study.” It feels a lot more relaxing when no one is in a rush to leave.

If you haven’t joined any of the restaurant trips before, I highly encourage you to do so soon. I assure you that it’s gonna be a rewarding experience.

Afghan restaurant trip

Afghan restaurant trip – we got a semi-private party room!

Burmese food

Burmese food – we were too hungry so we only remembered to take a group picture after we finished eating!