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Iron Chef SJC: PhD Team

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Teams and helpers

Teams and helpers

Two teams.

Ten competitors and three helpers.

Twenty six hands working for five unbiased judging mouths.

A fierce competition in a friendly atmosphere, where creativity and flavour combination are required: this is THE IRON CHEF.

This year, the Masters students (Minoru, Devra, John and Emily led by Chantal, in red) faced the PhD students (Bei, Astrid, Dawood and Mike, led by Guillaume, in orange) to impress the unsparing judges: Chef Clarence Tay, Assistant Principal Sandra Shepard, Dr. Anna Kindler, Dr. Pawel Kindler and Principal Henry Yu.

The judges

Those judges…they’re so judgey.

Participants had two hours to prepare an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert from a selection of ingredients and were evaluated on the presentation, the taste and the compatibility and match between all three items.
My first thought when I saw all six dishes on the judges table was: “Lucky judges, they are about to taste really amazing looking and smelling food, but boy, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes: deciding which is best will surely be a difficult task.”

After providing us with very detailed, useful and professional advice on why dishes were indeed amazing, and what could be done to improve them, the SJC conclave deliberated for a long time and made their choice: the Winners are ….. the Masters students.

Master's team dessert

Masters team dessert

So congratulation to Chantal and her team, and also a BIG THANK YOU to Assistant principal Ian Okabe for the whole organization of this event, to the office for designing and providing us with these amazing aprons, to Paola, Kathrin and Warren for helping the two teams and being our liaison with the kitchen and Henry (from the kitchen staff), to Jake and Yaseen for the media coverage, to Liqing for the pictures and to everyone in the audience for coming and sharing the joy, stress and fun of this event.

One thing is certain: SJC is full of talented cooks!!!

Looking forward to the next cooking competition.

P.S.: Chantal: I WILL have my revenge!

PhD team entree

PhD team entree

PhD team appetizer

PhD team appetizer

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