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A Social Journey through Cultures: No-Rooz edition

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SJC is an international college and at any time, we represent 45 different countries and as many cultures.

No-Rooz celebration

No-Rooz celebration

In the past five years I was living at SJC, it was brought to my attention multiple times that only a certain group of residents would come to some events organized in the college. More recently with the strategic planning similar issues were raised and the focus on being inclusive was mentioned.

As a consequence, a few residents decided to gather and to create a new entity in the college, a “committee” aiming at developing our knowledge and understanding of the multiples cultures present in SJC in order to include more residents to the different activities.

SJC is supposed to be your home away from home, so it is important you feel good here. Most of the time, it means celebrating a certain event, having a specific meal, doing something very special that is dear to you and your culture. And that’s what we are here for. We can help you organize such events and introduce it to the rest of the college.

No-Rooz celebration

No-Rooz celebration

We are currently building a yearly calendar of events that are important for all of you, for all of us. Learning, understanding and exchanging are part of the mission set by the college, and that’s what we want to do with our multiple cultures.

The first event organized was last week end, for No-Rooz. No-Rooz is the Persian new year, celebrated by many countries, from Iran to Russia including also Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other. Farhad, accompanied by Shirin, Mohammad, Zeinab, Sohrab and Siavash have helped to bring us this event. They gave us their views of No-Rooz; what is it all about, what is the cultural significance, and how it is traditionally celebrated. They also introduced us to the food traditionally served during No-Rooz, and told us why and how No-Rooz is important to them.

So if you feel like sharing with us something important to you, please contact any of us. Even if you are the only representative of your country: it doesn’t matter. If it is important to you, it is important to us and we can help you organize it.

Guillaume, Farhad, Charlotte, Paola, Ronald, Shreyas, Leah and Ian

No-Rooz celebration

No-Rooz celebration

No-Rooz celebration

No-Rooz celebration

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