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The Inaugural Wreck-Tower Cup

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Last Saturday night saw a troop of SJC residents head over to Green College for the inaugural Wreck-Tower Cup. This would be see the two residences face off in 7 different challenges. But firstly, we need to go back a few hours to the Salvation Army Thrift Store on 4th. Chantal and I had been asked to be the king and queen in a human-sized game of chess between the colleges. All the pieces were getting dressed up and we needed sceptres to complete our outfits. It’s amazing what you can do with some duct tape and some candle holders. Our friend Calvin was visiting from Seattle and did his best to securely attach them together without it looking rubbish. And on the way out we spied a perfect unicorn for one of the knights to ride.

ImageYaseen joyfully playing the role of the knight with his unicorn

So back to the evening, we had paraded across to Green College, chanting various songs on the way (including Spam from Monty Python) and were meet by jubilant Greenies ready for a battle. After a short speech by Green Principal Mark Vessey (where he outlined the use of Queensberry Rules for the evening) and a huge group photo with the trophy, the games began.


John as the other loyal knight in the epic chess battle

The epic chess battle was the first to take place outside with a huge human chess set. SJC’s Sheng commanded the SJC forces while Green’s Robin lead his troops. First blood took down one of the pawns (cardboard boxes) but it wasn’t long until human pieces started feeling Sheng and Robin’s wrath. As King I initially felt very protected in one corner with various pieces but they started disappearing, especially after we lost our Queen. But Chantal was resurrected and Sheng brought the game to an end with an SJC victory.


Chantal’s dramatic Queen costume

Soon after that victory, we heard news that SJC (led by Myron) had also won the soccer game with a narrow 1-0 score. Inside we all warmed up and began the foosball tournament with some food. Each college held a small tournament amongst their teams to find their best to send to the semi-finals. These ended up with an SJC team and a Green team in the final and after a stressful game for Markus and Vivian they came out victorious.


A stressful final of the foosball



Glorious celebrations from the foosball victory

SJC was 3-0 up but we knew that are strongest events were behind us. Our fantastic Chef Sean joined for the table tennis tournament and even with his incredible skills we couldn’t overcome Green and they took that competition.

Next up was the Trivia. We split up into small teams of either Green or SJC residents. Having watched Tom & co easily win the Trivia Night at the Academic I was feeling hopeful. The questions were an incredible mix of flags, Vancouver, UBC and particle physics. The team I was in managed okay and surprisingly guessed a few of the flag questions. Did you know that the Vatican City flag is square?


Intense discussions before the Trivia began

And then the best SJC teams and best Green teams had a final few questions. Our team didn’t make it that far but we still tried to do it. Naming four letter countries was perfectly aimed as Chantal and I lost a lot of the Christmas break playing Sporcle quizzes (prepared to delay your graduation by ~6 months if you start playing them). But we still couldn’t get them all. And unfortunately none of us have been to that many UBC libraries. The score was incredibly close in the end, but the best Green team won it by a single point. That brought the overall score to 3-2 points to SJC with two competitions remaining.

I should mention that Green had supplied a wonderful variety of nibbles initially and lots of pizza arrived later. This was complemented with soft drinks, wine, beer and cider. And most of the events were in their beautiful dining hall. It was very well hosted.

So it was down to the last two events: Beer Pong and Turbo Cup. These events would not be SJC’s strong point. I hadn’t played Beer Pong in many years and only realised I knew Turbo Cup after someone explained it was basically the same as Flip Cup.

So beer pong, in case you haven’t played it, basically involves throwing ping pong balls into cups at the opposite end of a table. Simple as that, but of course with some beer involved too. The dining hall was suddenly full of beer pong games going on and people running around trying to find errant ping pong balls. And eventually after many close-calls, Green College were declared the victors that brought the score to a draw. The decider would be Turbo-Cup.

Turbo-Cup involves a chain of drinking and flipping cups and then strangely a huge glass boot containing beer (I’m still not sure where that came from). With some team pep-talks, the challenge began and we kept up a reasonable pace but Green won. And that was the end. Green took the trophy and we must congratulate them.

It was a great evening with some excellent dancing. I think both sides are looking forward to the next SJC/Green event, and especially to the next competition for the Wreck-Tower cup.

 – Jake

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