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Thank you for thanking them!

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The lovely card

The lovely card

Thanks to everyone who helped express our deep appreciation to the kitchen staff this holiday. The front of the card was was created by our lovely and talented Sarah Meli, and signed by most of us who live at SJC. If you did not get a chance to sign the card, please come by the servery when it re-opens in the new year and ask if you can add your name (bring your own pen if possible). And we can all thank them verbally whenever we think of it! Personally, I don’t remember to do that often enough.

In addition to the card, we gave a small gift to each staff member, consisting of some SJC swag. It is a very small token compared to all of the time and effort they devote to us each year, but we hope they feel appreciated. Peter, Shawn and Thanh are pictured with the card. Shawn said it was the first time the kitchen staff had received a card signed by all the residents. So great job, SJC! Let’s make kitchen staff appreciation a yearly tradition. Or even more often than that!

– Drea

Part of our fantastic SJC dining team!

Part of our fantastic SJC dining team!

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