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A cool brunch at University Golf Club

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SJC gang at University Gold Club for brunch
SJC gang at University Gold Club for brunch

On this sunny, crisp and a bit chilly (minus 2 degrees!) morning (7 DEC), we, a bunch of SJC residents, went to University Golf Club for a ‘lavish’ brunch after a stressed-out exam week.

As we walked passed the fountain, we noticed that it was covered in ice with beautiful cracks. Under the sun, it looked so poetic and so anti-Vancouver-style. Guillaume, the crazy French guy, actually stood on the ice for 2 seconds, which totally freaked me out…

The ice

The Ice

The golf club seems to be a quiet and cozy place. We enjoyed the food while chatting about the weirdness of a very Canadian sport that happened to be live on TV. Curling! Poala wondered who on earth would invent such a ridiculous thing and why. “Well,” Sheng told us in his calm voice that it actually originated from Scotland where warriors used to CURL the head of their enemies that they killed on battlefield….

Feeling deeply disturbed by such a story, we shifted our focus on the mere ‘sport’ side. Guillaume commented that those players’ wives probably wouldn’t worry too much about housework as their husbands apparently master such an art….. And we made an unofficial promise to try Curling one day just to experience the unusually eccentric Canadian spirit embedded in it…

Golfing after brunch

Golfing after brunch

After brunch, Deepak, Guillaume, Poala and Nathaniel tried golf. It’s pretty funny to watch them practice. Deepak, the self-taught coach was amazing in hitting balls to distances far away while students were all trying hard just to hit the balls…

Only at SJC can you enjoy such a slow-paced, interesting Saturday morning with awesome people like the three beautiful ones on the photo above!

– Zhaozi Sophie Wang


One thought on “A cool brunch at University Golf Club

  1. This is the second post in a row that namechecks Guillaume. Should we try to mention Guillaume in all future SJC blog posts?

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