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A Night at the Opera

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Ever wonder what to do on a Friday evening? Why not try the opera!  That’s what Mia, Kai, Wendy, Amina, and the author of this post (Denise) did.  We saw “The Tales of Hoffmann” performed by UBC Opera.  This magnificent ensemble of sopranos, mezzos, tenors, and basses mesmerized us as they sung the story of Hoffmann, “the wild-eyed poet who travels the world in search of the ideal woman and ends up thwarted by villains at every turn.”


In 1995, the UBC Opera Ensemble was founded by Canadian lyric coloratura, Nancy Hermiston. She has won numerous awards, including the Opera Canada Rubie Award for her contributions to opera in Canada.

Every season at UBC, the now 90-member opera company performs three main productions and seven Opera Tea Concerts.  The next opera, “The Florentine Straw Hat” will take place February 6, 7, & 8 at the Chan Centre.  Tickets are discounted for students and for $20 an evening of bliss is in store for you.


One thought on “A Night at the Opera

  1. How fabulous you went to the opera! SJC is lucky to have Nancy Hermiston as one of our Faculty Fellow!

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