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Simultaneous Chess Exhibition – Nov. 3, 2013

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As a chess beginner, I was very lucky to be a part of the “Simultaneous Chess Exhibition” in which our SJC chess master, Sheng, played simultaneously against 8 of us.


The attached picture is of the name-tags made by Kamila. We had representatives from all over the world playing against our Canadian representative, Sheng-Jun Xu.

I would really like to quote one of our chess game organizers, Kamila for her encouraging words prior to the big day:

“Tomorrow we will face our enemy in the battle of the century! Let gods unite us for honour and duty and countrymen!”  🙂

Interestingly, we all predicted that “Canada” would be the final winner! And being able to have a multinational chess game event with so many SJC residents from different countries was a very fun experience.


During the 2 hours and half of playing chess, I felt that my playing improved a lot. As a piano performer, I firmly believe that “practice makes perfect”~ and I guess with chess, “losing leads to improvement”.

I’m really looking forward to becoming a better player and having another chance to challenge Sheng and the other chess players.

Special thanks to our SJC chess group leaders, Ronald and Kamila, for organizing this event.

~Winnie He

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