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SJC Dining Hall

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SJC Dining

I think a lot of people would probably say that the Dining Hall is one of the most important components of the SJC experience. Even if all of us are busy and at times stressed running our day-to-day lives, we all need to eat at some point. The breakfast and dinners at SJC provide a friendly and fun environment to sit down, and have a chat without talking too much about research or work. The flags of different countries are up on the wall, donated by the former Acting-Principal Prof. Slaymaker. We spent weeks trying to memorize the flags and countries, I think I have most of them down. The boats hanging from the ceiling are an art installation the residents worked on with the ideas and guidance of Prof. Gu. The kitchen staff are lovely people, who provide pretty incredible meals day after day.

Over the weekends when we don’t have meals, I usually find that I miss sitting in the full dining hall and relaxing, with lots of people. But it’s definitely better this way, you need to be able to sleep in over the weekend without worrying about missing breakfast. I have used the weekends to try out restaurants on and off campus. (you need to go to the basement in the Village for the best Chinese food). Also if you are in Vancouver, you need to eat the sushi. There is a sushi restaurant on every street. And the prices and quality can probably not be beat by any other place in the world other than Japan. (http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2011/11/19/27-best-vancouver-sushi-restaurants/)
Amazingly, I also found an unbelievably delicious Saudi Restaurant on Granville, Downtown, where two people could have dinner for 13 dollars! That’s a pretty cheap, even without considering the price of food in this city. Unfortunately, they closed. When you live on campus, you need to make an effort to step out into the city and explore, and probably the best excuse to do that, is going out to eat.
And then of course you can always go grocery shopping. Save-on foods it on campus, and Safeway and No-frills are not far off (No Frills being the least expensive).
At times I also buy groceries to prepare something of my own, like a sandwich.

Check out the link below for more information on the dining experience and SJC, and take a look at our menu!