A Day in the Life of SJC Students

Experience the life of students living in St. John's College at UBC

SJC graduation

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A Masters graduate from SJC celebrating their special day with their SJC family.

A Masters graduate from SJC celebrating their special day with their SJC family.

“When you see someone putting on their big boots, you can be pretty sure that an adventure is going to happen.” – Winnie-the-Pooh.

To start off this blog we thought we would put in a little something to motivate those moving across the world or Canada, to start their adventure here at UBC. Every summer here begins with amazing graduation ceremonies, that remind us how worthwhile this whole process is.

After the heavy work load from graduate programs, and the intensive thesis writing process, it can sometimes be difficult to believe that it’s over. I know that it took me weeks to internalize that it was actually the end! Every summer, UBC organizes graduation ceremonies in the Chan Center. There students primarily celebrate with classmates from their program.

SJC also organizes a graduation party for the residents. Many people at SJC are from all over the world (we have over 30 nationalities represented here). Because of the distance it can be difficult to share the occasion with family members. I have to say though, that SJC feels like home to me, and (besides getting a degree) the people here really made my move worthwhile.

As the summer warms up, and tourist and beach goers fill up the path by SJC, the student body decreases drastically. People graduate and move on, go on vacation, do research abroad, or take part in internships or volunteer work outside of the city. It’s exciting to meet the new students coming in soon!

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